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Global Collaboration: Neuroscience as Paradigmatic - By Robert Henman.

View Full Cover The three articles printed here point towards the need for a form of collaboration that is presently inoperative in neuroscience and, as McShane states in the Foreword, is not functioning in the current sciences at all. The New Science is a division of labour and tasks that has the potential to increase the probabilities of cumulative and progressive results. Bernard Lonergan made this discovery in 1965 and called it functional specialization. More recently, through the influence of McShane’s research and writings, it is more often referred to as, functional collaboration.

Available April 2016 from Axial Publishing

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Behind The Altar - A Novel By Robert Henman

View Full Cover Behind the Altar is my first work of fiction. It is a dramatic exploration of the deficiencies of psychology in contemporary religious practice.

Behind the Altar can be ordered directly from the publisher and and worldwide online. Also available from author.

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THE CHILD AS QUEST - By Robert Henman

View Full Cover This book outlines a method in education based on the works of Bernard Lonergan. Formally published by UPA, 1984. Presently out of print. Library of Congress No. BV 1473.H46.1983
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