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I began work in 1969 with Nova Scotia Public Health and the Canadian Department of National Defence before beginning university receiving a Bachelor's degree in philosophy and European history from Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax. I then took a Masters in Theological Studies from the Atlantic School of Theology, graduate studies in philosophy at Saint Mary's University Halifax, and recently carried out Post Graduate research in Philosophy with the University of South Australia. In 1994 I received a Diploma in Therapy from Dalhousie University and operate a part time counseling service.

How To Grow Kids I published my master's thesis as The Child as Quest, University Press of America, 1984 and various articles in academic journals in the areas of philosophy, psychotherapy, theology and ethics. I have lectured in philosophy and ethics for over 20 years at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, NS, Canada. In 2006, after 24 years as a Religious Education Director and Pastoral Associate with the Archdiocese of Halifax, I retired to carry out research in the philosophy of education and resided in Europe for 6 months. While abroad I completed also my first fictional work, Behind the Altar which was published by Xlibris Publishing in 2008. I continue to be involved in academic seminars, teaching, research, and writing with a focus on cultural renewal and human growth.

I play guitar and piano and enjoy entertaining friends with a focus on the music of the 60's and the Beatles. My secret love is classical piano but that is an ongoing work in process.

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